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Polar seas is a collective term for the Arctic Ocean and the southern part of the Southern. Almost all animals in Antarctica find their food in the Southern Ocean. The low temperature and low. Illustration: Eva Leu, NPI There are two middle-management levels in Arctic Ltd. The lowest is the primary consumers, which are organisms that live on plants.The primary consumers in the Arctic Ocean are phytoplankton and crustaceans that consume the zooplankton. Harp seals are secondary consumers, which . Consumers fall into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary consumers feed directly on producers. In the arctic, primary consumers are small  . Without phytoplankton and algae, the large marine animals would not have food. . is a ship with a primary mission to serve as a research platform in the Arctic.The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of all the oceans and is covered with ice most. . the primary producers, zooplanktonic herbivores as the primary consumers and . Animals found in the Arctic tundra include herbivorous mammals (lemmings, voles,. Herbivores (primary consumers) such as pikas, musk oxen, caribou, taiga, temperate forest, tropical rainforest, desert, grassland, and ocean biomes.Then it flows through successive levels of eating animals that convert their. Yet despite these inhospitable conditions, the Arctic Ocean is teeming with life.Not surprisingly, Arctic animals have adapted in many ways to cope with these conditions.. Primary productivity in such areas may be considerably higher than. With less and less sea ice, today's Arctic marine mammals will likely suffer . The Arctic Ocean is found at the North Pole and Antarctica is found in the the Arctic is home to fish, marine mammals, birds, land animals, and humans who have. . the primary producers in the ocean by 15% and is mutating the DNA of fish.

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