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Dec 2, 2014 . Sample Letter to Friends and Relatives and Character Letter Outline at times strong letters of support can influence a judge to sentence a . A letter sent to a sentencing judge in a criminal case should be addressed using the judge's full name, title and. What is included in an example leniency letter?Include concrete reasons for why the judge should be lenient in sentencing the person you are writing the letter for. Good qualities, examples of good character,  . The best way to write a professional letter to a judge begins with knowing how to address the letter.. Common examples include a letter on behalf of the defendant or victim.. Defendants can write their own letter requesting leniency. character and explain how the sentence will affect the defendant and his or her family.In the first paragraph of the letter, you should begin by introducing yourself. For example, you can write: "My name is. For a request of leniency, state why you believe that society would not benefit from sending the defendant to prison and how all the parties involved . If you are a defendant in a trial, you may want to write a letter to the judge before he imposes sentencing. Always consult with your attorney before takin.Writing Plea Leniency Letter Judge | Character Reference Letter For Sentencing - Hashdoc | See more about Reference letter, Character reference and Writing.Jul 27, 2012 . Writing a support letter SHOULD NOT be a difficult task.. 6) A REASONABLE request of leniency from the judge on behalf of your loved one . Apr 29, 2016 . abuse for writing letters seeking leniency in the sentencing of former. It is an opportunity to help the judge see the defendant as a human . the judge and ask for mercy before a defendant is sentenced. The defendant is, on. letters and use language to make a request for leniency to a judge.. . expected. The term 'Honorable Judge', for example, is used 36 times in the salutation.

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