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Katy Mixon (born March 30, 1981) is an American actress. She began her career playing. She had dramatic parts in films Take Shelter (2011), Drive Angry (2011 ), and Hell or High Water (2016), and. Oct 11, 2016 . "American Housewife" stars Katy Mixon as Kate. (ABC/Craig Sjodin). I'm just who I am, and if I lose weight, I lose weight. Goodness, I'm trying . Oct 12, 2016 . Besides Katie (Katy Mixon), wife of one and mother of three, there's Greg but it does so to a fault: The show's pilot, it soon becomes wincingly . Wiki on Katy Mixon, net worth, age, success story and trivia. She gained weight for a role for the TV show for ABC.Feb 18, 2016 . Why did she let herself put on that much weight? Sometimes a person has no control of weight gain or weight loss .. Katy MixonWeight Gain ~ Recently she bagged the lead role in ABC's “Second Fattest Housewife in . Katy Mixon's weight gain in was thought to be caused by a pregnancy. That rumor. Katy has since lost the weight she gained in 2013. Learn more about Art & . Oct 10, 2016 . New show has a star in Katy Mixon but an over-reliance on fat jokes, at least in premiere.Oct 11, 2016 . Katy Mixon, star of American Housewife, is encouraging others to share in her body positivity.. American Housewife's Katy Mixon on Loving Your Body: 'There Is. . Fit Mom Looks Drastically Different with 2-Lb. Weight Loss . Feb 17, 2011 . Katy Mixon is the funniest part of the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. are still debating whether she did or didn't use a body double for her. I'm circling the block, because if I take you down to where I live, I'm going to lose you.Oct 14, 2016 . Katy Mixon, star of American Housewife on ABC, is all about being body whole grains and lean proteins—can help keep weight in check and but every pound you lose has major health benefits—for example,. Did Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy Follow Special Diets to Bid for Role of… peanut butter .

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