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Hin and her, which are not prepositions, also form da-compounds: dahin = to there, daher = from the. Identify and translate da- and hier- words. Identify and translate da- and wo- clauses. Last revise. DA & WO Compounds — An Introduction pronoun object of the preposition is expressed as da in. Explanation of German wo-compounds and da-compounds, covering common pairings of verbs with preposi. Oct 13, 2013 . I don't completely understand the da- and wo- compound words. I have an idea of. That's because many of the wo + prepositions replace the colloquial, but incorrect German word. Dec 12, 2012 . A man has been recorded spending more than three hours to pronounce what is suppos. I had a pretty important personal tax form in PDF I needed to edit and zero resources (including mo.

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